In February 2016, TUBACEX established its own Foundation to channel all efforts to promote social development in the areas where we are present. Under the umbrella of the UN Sustainable Development Goals, three lines of action were established to promote different projects: training, social action and corporate diversity. As a result, the Company aligned its programs with international trends in relation to social and economic matters, promoting quality education, inclusive employment opportunities and the development of areas hit by poverty.

Quality Training
TUBACEX made a commitment to promote training in cooperation with different vocational training centers and public bodies (Basque Government and Austrian Chamber of Commerce) in order to boost employment and employability for young people. These programs are four years long and 75% of their contents are carried out at the workplace while the other 25% are taught in the classrooms. They also include a year of international work experience at any of the Group plants in the USA, Italy, Austria or India.
Therefore, in 2016 TUBACEX launched its first dual training program specialized in “Mechatronics”, followed by the “Extrusion, Rolling and Forging” (2017) and “Non-Destructive Tests” (2018) programs. The three programs are still active today and the first program cycle has been completed as two young trainees have finished their training period at TUBACEX plant in Austria.
These dual training programs add up to other national and international scholarship programs globally promoted by the company.
Social Action
Aware of the vulnerability of children in some regions, Tubacex Foundation, in cooperation with UNICEF, decided to contribute to enhance education for 116,000 boys and girls from Palghar (India). The district is located near Tubacex India production plant. To this effect, a program was launched in 2016 to be completed during the forthcoming months. Its aim was to improve enhance the sanitation network and promote access to water and hygiene in 1,257 schools in the region.
Corporate Diversity
Additionally, since 2017 the company has been collaborating with other organizations to promote the work integration of people with diverse talents in the workforce. It has also contributed to the development of environments allowing better socio-cultural integration of people with intellectual disabilities on the one hand, and of girls from more disadvantaged families on the other.
In addition to the lines described above, TUBACEX is actively working to develop the regions where we are present through local initiatives tackling different social issues.