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The ongoing humanitarian crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic is affecting all levels of society. What started as a health issue rapidly changed the way we interact, the goods we need, and how we work and learn.

TUBACEX was quick to minimize risks in its workplaces, with PPE, social distancing and remote working. Thanks to the Group’s community ties it was also quick to recognize groups particularly at risk from infection and the hardships of confinement. The Tubacex Foundation has launched and supported numerous initiatives to address both health issues and to mitigate the lasting community effects of the pandemic.

The first wave – Health workers, the elderly and PPEs


Beginning in March 2020, as the first wave spread through Europe, the Tubacex Foundation worked with charities to help protect, feed and trace:

Donation of protective equipment (including masks, gloves and overalls) to hospitals, care homes, community health centers and local authorities.

– Donation of material to the Maker Community of Euskadi to make masks and face shields for public health workers, pharmacies, supermarkets and other providers of basic goods, open during confinement.

– Creation of a hotline and home delivery service for the elderly (groceries, medicines and other essential goods), reducing exposure to infection.

Volunteering of facilities for preparing meals to be distributed in care homes, and for the storage of essential medical and preventive supplies.

A collective effort – Saudi Aramco and the basque Oil & Gas supply chain


When the world leading energy company offered to support the recovery of the Basque Country (Tubacex’s birthplace), numerous other companies joined the program led by the Energy Advanced Engineering Foundation*:

Over 300,000 € raised.

Facemasks and other Personal Protective Equipment were donated to retirement homes, community health centers and to the general public

30,000 € allocated to food banks. Enough to feed 50 people for a year.

– Funding for Biocruces Bizkaia Institute’s research into the microbiota’s role in improved diagnosis, prognosis and treatment.

20 young homeless people relocated to a dedicated residence for better care and guidance.

Internet access for the families of disadvantaged children, to limit educational inequality while schools remain closed.

– Funding for the Eversens start-up, to develop a rapid diagnosis tool which measures exhaled Nitric Oxide.


** Other participating companies: Fluidex, Euskaltel & SD.Eibar