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Promoting education for girls

In India, gender discrimination begins before a baby is born. Although it is an illegal practice, thousands of women end their pregnancy on finding out the gender of the baby, with the subsequent social impact of this demographic imbalance.

Girls who enter the education system drop out at an earlier age than boys and are subject to vulnerability situations.

TUBACEX, through the Nanhi Kali NGO, promotes the educational development of girls and young people between the ages of 6 and 15 in Pal, offering academic assistance and an empowerment program to help them in their educational and personal growth. Academic assistance focuses on:

  • 1-2-hour classes before or after school to boost their knowledge of mathematics, science or languages, among others.
  • School material. Satchels, footwear, notebooks or clothes to ensure that girls can go to school.
  • Teaching method: with dynamics, such as “Story telling” or group games that make learning fun.
  • Support for the community. With the involvement of parents and the community to avoid dropping out of school.